BE FESTIVAL 2015 Day 2

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015


Last night we kicked off BE 2015 in suitable style, throwing open the back doors of the REP to our newly transformed festival hub. There was music, there were Spanish wines, there were wonderful shows.

The evening shows began with Locus Amoenus by ATRESBANDES, a witty and charming show in which a bunny-induced derailment brings about the deaths of three young travellers and we were invited to share in their last dysfunctional hour on earth. Second we had the wonderfully eccentric and funny Show, in which Antonio Tagliarini bounded gracefully around the stage repeating actions as if trapped in a never-ending cycle of performance. During the interval Blanch and Shock served up a delicious fresh feast and everyone had a chance to chat, and after the shows reggae arrived at BE as Gabbidon took to the stage in the festival hub.


Today we have another feast of international theatre for you to enjoy. We begin in Centenary Sq., at the front of the REP, with our first ever free outdoor performance: the trampolining extravaganza Collage by Bot Project. Following that we ascend to the dizzying heights of the trapeze with Liv & Tobi’s Acrophobia. We also have Translating Lola from Margo van de Linde, a piece transferred from a chance street encounter that documents two women working in sex education. After the interval we pick up with Atavico, by Cia Poliana Lima, a dance piece which deals with our relationship with violence. Our final show of the evening is the wonderfully wacky homage to Yoko O no! by Jamie Wood, which previewed at our festival launch.

After tonight’s shows we have more live music in the festival hub. First up we have Congolese gospel courtesy of Didier Kisala Band, followed by the feel-good electronica and chilled beats of DJ Ginger Dread.

Spread across the festival spaces we have our visual arts programme for all to see. This year our visual arts programme explores the theme of democracy and participation. Pick up one of our visual arts maps at the welcome desk in the festival hub.


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