BE FESTIVAL 2018 July 3rd – 7th Be Festival


In 2015, 2016 and 2017 the following festivals are participating:

Focusing on contemporary dance, as a vast field of experimentation,
crossings and flowering of new approaches to movement, society and the world.
ACT wants to enclose the new emerging stage tendencies to enrich Basque Performing Arts scene,
promoting the work of new makers and helping them to showcase it abroad.
International Theatre School Festival Amsterdam is the biggest European festival
with over 200 theatre talents in over 70 unique productions.
The International Theatre Schools Festival, in Warsaw, aka MFST ITSelF
is organized in a biennal cycle.
Short Theatre is organised by AREA06 and programmes daring theatre,
dance and performance.
MESS is the oldest theatre festival the Balkans. It is a competition festival,
programming world class performances and emerging artists
SKENA UP Festival is unique not only in Kosovo, but also in the wider Balkan region,
by being one of the few ‘in competition’ festivals dedicated to film and theatre.

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