2019 – 2020 THEME: ARCHIVE AND MEMORY Be Festival


Title of the piece

Company Name

Country of the company

Your email


Name of contact

Role in the piece

Duration of the piece in minutes (longer pieces must be shortened to max. 30 minutes but there is no minimum length)

Original length, if different

Language(s) of the piece

Nationalities of people working on the piece

Synopsis of the piece. We may use this in our programme if your piece is selected (max. 100 words)

Development / tour history of the piece (max. 100 words)

How does the piece relate to BE FESTIVAL’s ethos: to cross borders (linguistic, cultural or artistic) and inspire audiences of all nationalities (max. 80 words)

Number of performers

People travelling to Birmingham (maximum: number of performers + 1. i.e two performers & one director = 3)

Where will you be travelling from? Please tell us for each person.

Company biography (max. 100 words)

Significant previous work/Awards


What kind of space does your piece ideally require?
BE FESTIVAL can offer a range of performance spaces. For more information, please download ‘Spaces at BE.pdf’)

If site-specific or others, please specify

Early ideas
If your work is still in development, would you agree to be contacted to present the piece at 'Early Ideas', our festival scratch event? You would have the opportunity to participate in all the events like any other company and would present work of max. 15 min.

You will be sharing the space with other companies so the time for get-ins will be limited. Technical plans should be simple and flexible.
Do you have any special technical requirements?

Have you applied to BE FESTIVAL before? If so, in which year and with which piece?

How did you learn about BE FESTIVAL? (Please be specific. eg. if you learnt about us from the internet, which website?)

The most important part of this application is your video. So please send us the best quality footage you can. We don’t consider trailers as it is impossible to assess the work properly. However, we do programme pieces still in development so we are very happy to consider a video of rehearsals.

Include here the link to your video

Include any password to view it, if required

IMPORTANT: Videos must be available for viewing until January 2019. If you are sending your video via WeTransfer, please attach the link above.

Some people are experiencing technical difficulties in applying. If so, please send us an email to miguel@befestival.org