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Aerobics! A Ballet in 3 Acts by Paula Rosolen / Haptic Hide (Germany, 30 min)

Recalling the ‘80s-born trend for aerobics, this show merrily re-imagines the iconic sports and exercise regime. A carefully choreographed dance performance structured across three distinct acts; placing aerobics’ style and approach in a different context, rhythm and form are balanced with a tight precision. Putting new kinds of emphasis on the sport in question, new kinds of wonder are found in the movement they explore. The company Haptic Tide was formed in 2015, with choreographer Paula Rosolen exploring connections between documentary theatre, oral history and dance.

Artistic director:
Paula Rosolen

Production Management:
Jana Lüthje – M.i.C.A. Berlin

Technical Director:
Tanja Rühl

Assistant to Technical Director:
Lea Schneidermann


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