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All the Voices by Tante&Tante (UK/Greece/Germany) – 30 min [Part of EARLY IDEAS]

Back by popular demand as winners of last year’s Early Ideas competition, this eccentric sister-duo will be showcasing the toil of their awarded residency that began a week in advance of this year’s festival. Like siblings the world around, Eirini and Angelina Kartsaki have been ‘collaborating’ for many years, inventing games which could be played anywhere, at any time, in any context. During the summer of 2014 they decided to share these games with other people and the Tante&Tante (Aunties) project was born. Child’s play, antagonism and forgiveness all collide posing questions about the the sibling dynamic. The 15 minute run out last year was laugh-out-loud funny but what lies ahead is anyone’s guess.

This show is part of the EARLY IDEAS showcase
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Choreographer / Director:
Tante & Tante

Tante & Tante

Eirini & Angelina Kartsaki

Set Design:
Tante & Tante

Costume Design:
Tante & Tante


UK Artist Development Programme, supported by:

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