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Amazonia 2040 by Martha Hincapié + Screening of El Árbol de la Vida (Colombia/Germany)

Amazonia 2040 reflects on the present, past and future of the Amazonian rainforest. How do political landscapes influence our relationship with nature? What can we learn from ancestral cultures to renew our relationship with Planet Earth? Amazonia 2040 addresses these questions in the context of the climate crisis, activism and disappearance of biodiversity. This is a dance performance which is an excerpt of an original piece.

Martha Hincapé Charry is a Colombian BIPOC artist based in Berlin, Choreographer / Performer / Researcher and Decolonial dance and performance curator. Her work has been included in numerous festivals in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

El Árbol de la Vida a film by Simón Hernández Estrada a tribute to the painter Abel Rodríguez (Nonuya name: Mogaje Guihu) an elder of the Nonuya, an indigenous community from the middle of the Cahuinarí River in Colombia. Through drawings and storytelling, he passes on his ancestors’ knowledge about plants in the Amazon basin, their coexistence with animals, and their mythological meanings to succeeding generations. 

Simón Hernández Estrada is a director, producer and editor, with extensive experience in the field of documentaries, having worked for media such as the BBC, ARTE, CNN, TVE, TVC, Red Bull Media House, Caracol TV and Señal Colombia.

Part of the Arbola – Art, Science and Forest Culture program for BE FESTIVAL.



Thursday 9 June


8.15pm – 9.10pm (45 mins)

Midlands Arts Centre

Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH

Created by

Martha Hincapié

age suitability:+12

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