BE FESTIVAL 2018 July 3rd – 7th Be Festival

Beyond Europe – Poshya Kakil (Kurdish/Iraqi)

For those living in the so-called developed world, the borders separating different countries might seem an abstract idea. With British passport in hand, breezing through different corners of the world is not a problem. For those trapped in the midst of civil war, however, those barriers separating countries are very real.

In 2018, Poshya Kakil will create an immersive work which conveys the experience of migrants trying to escape war-torn countries. Adjoined by photo documentation of refugee camps in Greece, France and Turkey, the main space of the installation is a small room closed from the outside. Entry and exit are controlled by someone else, mirroring the lack of control for those trying to travel outside of war zones.

The first ever Beyond Europe residency, it’s an indicator of the expanding horizons at BE Festival. Moving beyond the European boundaries we normally occupy, we’re looking to represent art from across the world. Based in Kurdistan-Iraq, Poshya was involved remotely in a collaborative work at BE 2011 with UK-based Anne Bean. Exploring systems of kinship, gender and religion, her work reflects her lived reality. Through her art, she looks to open up discussions on barriers, borders and their effects.

Visual Arts and Talks are FREE for all to attend