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British Enough? [Site Specific Experience] (UK) – 45 min

Dear Provisional Citizen, are you British Enough?  

You have been selected for testing within the British Enough Testing Zones, an immersive theatrical site-specific experience set in a future where British Citizenship is the ultimate prize. Enter a world where Britishness is manufactured and cultural identity must be won through ingenuity, endurance and psychological testing. ‘British Enough?’ is a collaboration between artist Kristina Cranfeld and writer/director John Harrigan, founder of FoolishPeople, exploring the physical and imagined spaces conjured by Brexit in the borderlands of Britain’s future outside of the EU.


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John Harrigan

John Harrigan

Tereza Kamenicka
Claire Tregellas
Kate Alderton
John Harrigan
Lucy Harrigan

Set design:
‘Manufactured Britishness’ art installation by Kristina Cranfeld

Costume design:
Kristina Cranfeld


UK Artist Development Programme, supported by

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