Be Festival

Doro Doro Quarks by Minako Seki Company and Company Cokaseki (Germany/Japan)

A doro doro is an ‘otone’: a fragment of sound and an ancient word that is initiated by a physical feeling. Onomatopoeia would be the western equivalent, but for the fact that otones are still used in everyday Japanese today (such as “Sara Sara” – caressing of a body, “Ira Ira” – hectic movement, or “Gyoro Gyoro” – tenseness of the eyes, comprehensive curiosity).

Quarks are the smallest atomic particles, the fundamental building blocks of all matter. Just as otones are the building blocks of our language. In this duet the dancers playfully discover the origins of their body language.

For twenty years both artists have found fruitful ground in Berlin for their work based on avant-garde Japanese Butoh and contemporary dance. Each is internationally renowned for their performances and workshops, and for creating work outside of the Berlin dance mainstream. This piece is their first shared work.

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