Be Festival

Feinting by MTG Botlek (The Netherlands)

Mimetheatregroup (MTG) Botlek consists of Yannick Greweldinger and Dwayne Toemere. They started working together at the mimeschool in Amsterdam where they made their first performance ‘Gelag’. In their performances they always search for the limits of their physical abilities. MTG Botlek shows man, in all his innocence, constantly finding himself in situations in which the ways of the world push him to the edge. For this performance starconductor Valery Gergiev was their source of inspiration.

Feinting is a careful balance between what we are and what we want to be.
We keep ourselves standing up with pride, we keep up appearances, ready for the sign for everything
to begin. No one will be able to put us down for all the things that we are not, as long as we are up
A performance about the unsatisfiable desire for perfection.

(Kotorogo Theatre Company was denied their visa. Unfortunately they will not be able to perform at this year’s festival. However BE FESTIVAL is really excited about bringing this young company from Holland.)

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