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Free Movement by Elizabeth Hudson (Scotland)

Two interconnected themes underpin Elizabeth Hudson’s installation at BE 2017. The first, conveyed through the concrete bollards positioned around the festival site, relates to the organisation of urban space; through their distribution, they echo how features of the city are used to create boundaries and influence movement. The second, realised through newspaper cut-outs contained within the bollards themselves, pertains to the negative influence of the media. The articles are examples of fabrications and exaggerations peddled by the UK press in relation to the EU. 

Posing the connection between physical, constructed boundaries and the role of the media in reinforcing them, Elizabeth’s work suggests the “us and them” mentality which these boundaries can foster. With the final addition of a blue-screen walkway, it reinforces the audience’s experience of having their movement guided and restricted.

Elizabeth’s work draws links between contemporary socio-politics and pre-existing social and cultural histories. Constructing installations with a range of physical materials – such as wood, metal, textiles and paper – she takes meaning from their physical appearance as well as the associations they hold.

UK Artist Development Programme, supported by