2019 – 2020 THEME: ARCHIVE AND MEMORY Be Festival

Game – Unstable King (UK) 30mins

Unstable King will stop at nothing to defeat evil. Even if they have to blow this world apart.

Game is a madcap three man circus theatre show exploring how video games shape our lives. Played out through circus feats, live gaming and sketch inspired comedy plus Napoleon Dynamite-esque dance routines, these guys are slick and hilarious. Real video games will be available to play before and after the show. Joystick madness!

Unstable King are a brand new company founded by Michael Bell. He is joined on stage by Louis Lamprell & Ryan Murphy.

UK Artist Development Programme, supported by

Director / Choreographer
Michael Bell, Louis Lamprell & Ryan Murphy

Michael Bell, Louis Lamprell & Ryan Murphy

Jack Offerford


Arts Council, Circomedia, Marine Theatre, Bristol Old Vic Ferment, Jackson’s Lane

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