BE FESTIVAL 2018 July 3rd – 7th Be Festival

Herencia Espanola – Limping Father Francisco (UK)

Set in a period of high tension before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Herencia Espanola examines the highly personal nature of political allegiance and war. Born into a fascist family, Miguel is torn between his friendships with Pablo – the passionate communist – and love for his father. The situation escalates when his father Don Mariono is killed at a communist rampage leb by Pablo, and Carmen, his sister becomes pregnant with Pablo’s child . Caught in the vortex of events and emotion Miguel makes a disastrous decision leading to a life time of guilt and regret.

Limping Father Francisco is an international theatre ensemble that formed out of a creative process at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). Their performance at BE Festival is their first work as a touring company

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