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Homo Furens by Plan-K / Filipe Lourenço (France) – 30 min

Re-imagining the experience of soldiers’ military training, Homo Furens is about pushing beyond what we thought we were capable of. Drawing inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, this show sees the rigours and extremities of military existence expressed through dance. Led by esteemed choreographer Filipe Lourenço, it expresses soldiers’ difficulties in balancing individual needs with those of their comrades. This show inspects the different responses to the harsh, unpredictable nature of conflicts; that soldiers must be prepared for. Founded in 2011, this is the third show Filipe Lourenço has produced with his Plan-K company.

HOMO FURENS TEASER #2 from filipe lourenco on Vimeo.

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Jeremy Kouyoumdjian
Sylvère Lamotte
Stéphane Couturas
Youness Aboulakoul
Félix Maurin

Photography Credit:
François Stemmer

Supported by:
Drac Centre

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