Be Festival

Homo ridens by Teatro Sotterraneo (Italy)

Homo ridens is conceived as an experiment on a sample, a test the audience is put through. The ‘guinea pig’ audience is asked to react to a given stimulus regarding laughter and its driving mechanisms. The main purpose is analysing the human approach to laughter, measuring its limits and complexity. Why are we laughing?

Teatro Sotterraneo is a theatre collective set up in 2004 for the 11/10 in apnea project. Between 2007 and 2011 the company has produced six further performances and in 2009 was awarded the Lo Straniero and Ubu Speciale prizes, in 2010 the Hystrio-Castel dei Mondi Prize and in 2011 the Silver Laurel Wreath Award at Mess Festival, Sarajevo.

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