Be Festival

Installation: Birmingham Map, LET’S GO OUT FOR A WALK?

Francesc Serra Vila’s LET’S GO OUT FOR A WALK? is a bespoke performative piece designed specifically for senior citizens. Individual participants were invited on a journey to connect their memories from the past to the present. This project is a continuation of the Visual Arts Residency programme that Francesc started with BE FESTIVAL in 2019, and that explores the theme Archives and Memories.

Francesc’s installation with a Birmingham map containing memories and journeys of its citizens will be displayed and open to the public at The Exchange.

Francesc Serra Vila is scenographer and performance-maker. His work is driven by an interest in site-specific, immersive and evolving environments.

Admission FREE


The Exchange
3 Centenary Square
B1 2DR


Monday 14th February  

2 – 5 pm

Tuesday 15th February

10 – 5 pm

Thursday 17th February

2 – 5 pm

Friday 18th February

10am – 5 pm



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