2019 – 2020 THEME: ARCHIVE AND MEMORY Be Festival

A Land Full Of Heroes by La Conquesta del Pol Sud (UK/France/Spain) – 80 mins

A Land Full Of Heroes follows the life of Romanian writer Carmen-Francesca Banciu. Having grown up within rigid idelogies of the Romanian communist regime, she remembers her life-changing trip to Berlin in 1990, a year after the fall of the wall and off the back of the Romanian revolution in Bucharest; was Berlin the mirage of a new European vision?

Halfway between journalistic research and theatrical re-imagining, La Conquesta del Pol Sud recreates in 2019, her compelling Bucharest-Berlin trip made in 1990. The play is coproduced by the University of Birmingham, with the support of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Theatre La Cité, Theatre des Doms, Forum Jacques Prévert, Theatre Jean Vilar, La Conquesta del Pol Sud.

Dramaturgy, playwrighting and creation:
Carmen-Francesca Banciu
Carles Fernández Giua
Eugenio Szwarcer

Carmen Francesca Banciu
Meda G. Banciu

Carles Fernández Giua

Set & Video Design:
Eugenio Szwarcer

Costume Design:
La Conquesta del Pol Sud

Sound Design:
Santiago Blaum

Lighting Design:
Luis Martí

Tamara Saphir

Language Advisor/Translator:
David Magnus

Lucila Guichon

La Conquesta del Pol Sud


University of Birmingham,
Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
Théâtre La Cité (Marseille)
Forum Jacques Prévert (Carros)
Théâtre des Doms (Avignon)
Théâtre Jean Vilar (Vitry sur Seine)
La Conquesta del Pol Sud
Winning show of the call for projects Le Réel Enjeu


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