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L’Autruche (The Ostrich) by The Plasticine Men (UK)

A motley crew of storytellers raise a stage amongst the debris of a ransacked palace. They mutter furiously about their queen, who had everything and nothing to do with it, playing out scenes of doom and delusion and bodice-ripping romps in an attempt to make sense of the carnage. A disorderly pageant inspired by the life and times of Marie Antoinette, L’Autruche is about finding yourself in a world that has its own plans for you.

The Plasticine Men are a collective of theatre-smiths scouring the land for stories that beg to be told on stage. They challenge themselves to simply create the extraordinary worlds that lurk on the edge of hearsay and history.

The full and finished show will premiere Spring 2013. Its ongoing development is being supported by South Street Arts Centre, The Point,and The Nightingale Theatre.

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