Be Festival

Le Pli by Mala Hierba (Belgium)

“The depth is a Fold of the surface” (Gilles Deleuze)

Two women, at the limits of reality and unconsciousness, between the silence and the darkness of their beings, play with unbalance, stillness and drift. A game of sharing, dominating, enslavement, controlling… in a constant search for balance where time plays to differing rhythms and where space gets folded, revealing the chasm.  A travel from the depths to the surface.

Founded in Brussels in 2005, Mala Hierba have toured in France, Spain, England and Greece. Le Pli has been performed in Spain in April 2011 at the festival Isto Ferve in Teatro Ensalle (Vigo) and is supported by the Belgian Minister / Service de la Danse. Last year Mala Hierba received two awards at BE FESTIVAL for the piece …Un gouffre sous l’épaule.

Director/Choreographer: Antia Diaz & Marielle Morales
Costume design: Mala Hierba & Des Habits Tués (Paris)
Set design: Mala Hierba
Sound design: Michiel Soete
Lighting design: Marc Lhommel
Performers: Antia Diaz, Marielle Morales
Photos: Juan Adrio
Video: Sara Sampelayo
Assistants: Sara Sampelayo, Vicky Perez, Raffaella Pollastrini.

Supported by Ministerio de la Cultura belga/ Servicio de la danza, Danscentrumjette, Théâtre Marni y la Raffinerie/ Charleroi-Danses en Belgica, y Teatro Ensalle de Vigo en Españaa.

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