2019 – 2020 THEME: ARCHIVE AND MEMORY Be Festival

Light Years Away by Edurne Rubio (Spain) – 60 mins

In complete darkness, Edurne Rubio transforms the audience into cave explorers for the night. Inspired by her father’s and uncles’ quest to map the caves of Ojo Guareña in Northern Spain during Francisco Franco’s regime; Light Years Away is a guided tour, a documentary without faces, a show lit with lanterns and projections. It is a journey in which everything that appears surprises, whether it be organic or inanimate, chronological or anachronistic, visible or invisible.

Concept and Performance:
Edurne Rubio

David Elchardus

Alvaro Alonso
Gregorio Méndez
Sergi Grass

Edurne Rubio

Gregor Van Mulders
David Elchardus
With the Edelweiss Speleology Group

Edelweiss Speleology Group

Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek

Kunstencetrum BUDA

With the support by:
Vlaams Gemeenschap
Vlaams Gemeenschapscommissie
Grupo de Espeleología Edelweiss
Junta de Castilla y León
Netwerk, centrum voor hedendaagse kunst
What is Third
Casa Encendida
Espacio Tangente

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