BE FESTIVAL 2018 July 3rd – 7th Be Festival

Piccole Donne by TIDA (Italy, 60 mins)

Three future brides take to the stage dressed in white waiting for a wedding that will never take place. An empty  ritualistic dance symbolises the start of a life journey for  a woman , one where females exist with a pre-established identity. The show follows the  evolution of a  ‘woman’,  a process that women must undertake to liberate themselves from oppressive societal forces. BE FESTIVAL 1st Prize Award winners of 2015, TiDA was created in 2005 identifies as a critique of society, entertainment, conventional aesthetics and the artistic production itself.

Choreographer / Director
Marco Chenevier

Assistant Director
Smeralda Capizzi

Marco Chenevier, Alessia Pinto & Elena Pisu

Dramaturgy Consultant
Simona De Simoni

Lighting Design
Andrea Sangiorgi

Sandrine Philippe




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