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Piscina Mirabilis by mk in collaboration with Chiasma (IT)

Piscina Mirabilis #an eternally rising stateby mk in collaboration with Chiasma (IT)

This research project is an invitation for people who work with their bodies – dancers, performers, actors, actresses and athletes, etc. –  to come together for this choreographic ambient session. Step inside this ephemeral utopia where you are being invited to spontaneously explore the lushness and tranquility of Garden State – a space where participants are supported to use their body to construct a response to the plants and other physical forms in the room. Using physical articulation to communicate and create without a pressure to reform. 

If you are interested in this event, please send us an email to



Friday 10 June


11.00 am – 13.00pm 

Midlands Arts Centre

Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH

age suitability:+16

Created by

MK in collaboration with Chiasma, in the frame of 18M8L project.

This project is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

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