Be Festival

Por Sal y Samba by Carles Casallachs cie (Holland)

A duet that questions spectacle and iconography. We endeavour to share a dance, a dance that was created to satisfy a particular vision of beauty. But the tension is dropped without climax, and the spectacle is just not spectacular enough. The dance collapses into sadomasochism and torture, establishing the audience as a voyeur. This constant shift between dance and violence makes the audience constantly reconsider its position.

Carles Casallachs studied modern dance at the Royal Academy in Madrid, and choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. His early influences are Latin & Ballroom dance, Ballet, Jazz Musical, Mime and Spanish Folklore. Now he is more into bad taste, sex, icons, power games and corporal fluids. In this piece Carles performs with Clara Saito.

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