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Portraits and Short Stories by Panama Pictures (The Netherlands) – 30 min

Using ropes, trampolines and daring acrobatics, this show explores the relationships binding families and different generations together. Featuring six male performers aged 20 to 60, Portraits and Short Stories is a careful balancing act of shifting dynamics. Unpicking father-and-son relationships, it traces the lines bridging youthful bravado with quiet vulnerability. Moving at a steady, reflective pace, it finds touching insights into family ties and getting older. Based in the South of the Netherlands, with a company drawn from around the world, Panama Pictures have a track record for distinctive productions.

A 30 minute version of the show will be presented.

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Choreographer / Director:
Pia Meuthen

Miquel de Jong
Ruben Mardulier
Francesco Barba
Fabian Krestel
Fynn Neb
Eddy Bequaert

Set design:
Katleen Vinck
Costume design:
Sanne Reichert

Music Composer:
Strijbos & Van Rijswijk

Sound design:
Strijbos & Van Rijswijk

Lighting design:
Bart Verzellenberg

Photography credits:
Rob Hogeslag


Supported by Kingdom of Netherlands 

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