2019 – 2020 THEME: ARCHIVE AND MEMORY Be Festival

Promises of Uncertainty by Cie. Moost (Switzerland/France) – 40 mins

Another returning face to the festival is Swiss dare devil Marc Oosterhoff. In a monochrome universe, accompanied live by the cosmic sounds of Raphael Raccuia, Marc transforms into a naive explorer. In a world of strange rules, a mix of innocent games and trials by fire, is he a victim of chance or the author of his own fate?

Promises of Uncertainty is a nail biting blend of dance, theatre, and circus; promising uncertainty but a guaranteed move toward the edge of your seat.

Choreographer / Director:
Marc Oostetrhoff

Marc Oosterhoff (Performer)
Raphael Raccuia (Musician)

Set design:
Léo Piccirelli

Lighting design:
Joana Oliveira

Pauline Castelli

Raphael Raccuia (on stage)

Laura Morales
Mat Santa-Cruz

L’Echandole, L’Abri

Support from:
Prohelvetia, Corodis

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