Be Festival

Quiet time with Mole Wetherell

Mole Wetherell is the Artistic Director of Reckless Sleepers, a company that has been making cutting-edge performance since 1989. Their work sits somewhere between theatre, performance, live art and visual art, and thus is part of a wider family of European devised contemporary theatre. In 2010 the company initiated a project called Club Reckless – creating large scale performances with young artists.

In this workshop we will introduce some of the devising processes that have led to the creation of the company performance projects. Many of the processes that Reckless Sleepers use are about making something practical out of observation. We will focus on mechanisms and strategies that we have developed over the years and that can be adapted to suit different forms. They are not answers – they are starting points.

Please bring a pen and a notebook to make drawings, observations, maps and scores which we will use to develop practical physical material.

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