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Raven/Glass By RL Wilson (England)

Our view of a place is always subjective. Informed by individual, past experiences and the perspective they’ve shaped, it’s often difficult to bridge the borders between our internal outlook and the external world we encounter. At the same time, there are contrasts and barriers within places too: from pervasive myths to the hidden interplays between physical environments and social structures, things aren’t always what they first appear.

In Raven/Glass, RL Wilson unravels the nuances of one place in particular. Developed from his month-long residency in coastal Cumbria, it’s an insight into his immediate surroundings during the time he spent there. A small area of coastal land, flanked on either side by government-owned land for military tests and nuclear waste, every part of the show — across images, films and recordings which make up the installation — were taken from the area surrounding the van he occupied.

An artist-filmmaker based in the UK, this show reflects Wilson’s interest in psychogeography. Exploring the deeper history of places he incorporates into his work, he works across different disciplines; using moving image, sound, performance and radio, the breadth of his subjects is reflected in the execution of his work.

Raven/Glass Excerpt from R.L. Wilson on Vimeo.

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