Be Festival

Sagra by Progetto Brockenhaus (Switzerland)

Progetto Brockenhaus has taken inspiration from the urgent rhythms of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, the reports of the scandalous opening performance choreographed by Nijinsky in 1913, and from Nijinsky’s own diaries. Featuring iconic figures of the recent past (King Kong, Marilyn, Pasolini) the piece imagines its own awakening of Spring and depicts the emergence of man from his primitive ape form.

Progetto Brockenhaus is based in Lugano, Switzerland, and came about as a meeting of souls in 2008. The group of Italian and Swiss artists share a desire to create a new approach to physical theatre, exploring the use of the body in a free and spontaneous way, without seeking to restrict the work to any one particular style.

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