BE FESTIVAL 2018 July 3rd – 7th Be Festival

The Focus – Kotorogo Theatre (Russia)

This story is like a game of hide and seek for the blind or like the movements of a black cat in a dark room. To guess beforehand how you will find your way through is impossible.

Our intention can be expressed as follows: you do not have to wash your hands before eating if you are not hungry, we will do it for you. Most importantly do not confuse yourself with someone else.

All details about the place of birth, biographies and way of life of this group are kept secret – they are purportedly residents of the world where names are forbidden. They are possibly a part of a secret community of amorphous nationality with unusual, almost abnormal, pasts.

Director/Choreographer: Dimitry Kazenas
Set design: Elena Nesterova
Sound design: Ekaterina Shuginina
Lighting design: Nikita Nesterov
Performers: Marianna Kovalchuk, Irina Larionova, Alexandr Koposov, Ekaterina Shuginina, Alexandr Alexeev

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