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The Sensemaker by Woman’s Move (Switzerland) – 30 min

Contrasting music and spoken word in a chopped-and-spliced soundtrack, The Sensemaker is a story of managing expectations. Smartly dressed, waiting beside the phone, we watch the protagonist of this one-woman show as she’s slowly stretched to her limits. Straining to keep her tightly orchestrated routine in time, panicked looks and jerky motions appear, as dance steps are just about matched to a quick-switching backing track. Flipping between different languages and genres of music – calling to mind the arduous ecosystem of EU bureaucracy – she’s gradually pushed to the limit. With support from Swiss Cultural Fund UK, Woman’s Move is a company, born of three artists’ desire to collaborate on projects spanning contemporary dance, music and design.

The Sensemaker – Teaser from Woman’s Move on Vimeo.

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Choreographer / Director:
Elsa Couvreur

Elsa Couvreur

Set design:
Elsa Couvreur

Costume design:
Elsa Couvreur

Sound design:
Elsa Couvreur

Lighting design:
Marc Gaillard

Photography credits:
Sébastien Moitrot


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