BE FESTIVAL 2019 : 27 JUNE – 06 JULY #BEFESTIVAL19 Be Festival

The Vortex Agitator by Cris Blanco (Spain, 30 mins)

A mix gender B movie depiction about a director wanting to make her once-in-a-lifetime movie from the confines of her home. Using cameras, screens, gadgets and everything but the kitchen sink, the show uses the cliche of classic American films, the majesty of soundtracks and the intimacy of theatre to create a cross border experience where genders are playfully swapped. A fearless approach to cinema but categorically impossible to categorise. Created and performed by Barcelona based artist Cris Blanco, who excels in mixing  theatrical genres with a penchant for Sci-Fi.

This piece is a shortened version of the full production (full length 60 mins).

Choreographer / Director
Cris Blanco

Artistic & technical assistance
Anto Rodriguez & Oscar Bueno

Cris Blanco & Oscar Bueno

Oscar Bueno & Cris Blanco

Jorge Dutor & Ignasi Solé




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