2019 – 2020 THEME: ARCHIVE AND MEMORY Be Festival

Things We’d Love To See On Stage by Los Bárbaros (Spain, 30 mins)

The clue is in the title. An eloquent and witty theatre piece where the stage becomes a playground for the ‘barbarians’, fighting to live in the border, madly in love with theatre and life. The show runs through a list of desires – a five minute hug, a camping tent lit with a candle –  whilst a metronome ticks, conveying the beat of life passing by. A heartwarming piece with a sense of irony that chimes with the positive side of failure. Los Bárbaros was set up by Miguel Rojo and is a collaborative hub for artists from all disciplines.

This performance is a shortened version of the full production (full length 60 mins).

Hernando Herráez & Miguel Rojo

Choreographer / Director
Ainhoa Hernández Escudero, Javier Hernando Herráez, Miguel Rojo, Miguel Ruz Velasco & Macarena Sanz Castejón

Ainhoa Hernández Escudero, Javier Hernando Herráez, Miguel Rojo & Miguel Ruz Velasco

Photography credits
Jorge Mirón

Special thanks
La Virgule, Rocío Bello





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