Be Festival


This is a challenging and unprecedented time for us all, and our Host scheme is one of the activities that has been affected by the current situation. However, if you would like to express your interest in becoming a host for BE FESTIVAL 2021, or to learn more about the scheme, you can find more information below.


Each year BE FESTIVAL brings artists from all over Europe to Birmingham for an exciting week of performances. Those artists become part of our community for the duration of the festival and we aim to give them a greater connection to our fantastic city by hosting them in people’s homes. Hosting gives you a great opportunity to get an insight into the festival through conversations with the artists you host. You can also improve your language skills if you wish (although most of them speak very good English).

If you would like to become part of BE FESTIVAL by hosting one or more artists then please get in touch with Selina Losa by email:
or phone: 07731502865

We thank you in advance for your support


“Hosting was delightful! I had a young woman from Romania and it just felt very relaxed and easy. It was so nice to have someone who was so involved in BE, which made me feel more involved too. It’s easy when you get to my age to feel, you know, too old for this sort of stuff! But in fact, it’s just a huge mix of ages here and that’s really lovely.”

“There’s a real spirit of generosity here that I haven’t come across anywhere else. I’m not quite sure where that has come from. It’s only recently that BE has begun, but there has immediately been this up swell of warmth and positive feeling! People wanting to do what they can and everyone subsequently benefiting from it.”

“This was almost zero effort for me & in fact I hardly saw my guest. However when I attended the festival it made a big difference. I felt part of it, a small cog which enabled the festival to take place and not just a spectator.”

“Hosting was an exciting experience – meeting someone new, and getting a different perspective on life from them.”

“I really enjoyed hosting; it was an enriching experience, I felt invested in the festival as a whole so on the two evenings I went I got a lot out of it, and I’d definitely be glad do it again. They were considerate and interesting guests. What more can I say?”

“We really enjoyed having Edu to stay. My husband and I got a tremendous amount out of the experience and would be very happy to do it again and recommend others to do the same.”

“I was a first time host this year and had the pleasure of hosting Stefan from Romania. It was great to be able to get involved in what is clearly such a vibrant and thriving festival right on my own doorstep. Having one of the performers staying in my home made me feel like I’d contributed in some way to the whole thing happening, which was great because I was really impressed with BE FESTIVAL, the combination of theatre, dining together, chance to talk with performers and others in the audience, and then relax with entertainment and a bar was just staggeringly good.”

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