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Best of BE FESTIVAL | UK Tour | 11 – 29 March 2019

Travel across Europe in one exhilarating night

A triple bill from three countries: performance, illusion & theatre. “It is difficult to imagine a more enjoyable and rewarding night out” – ***** What’s On Stage

BEST of BE FESTIVAL’s tour showcases three of the festival’s favourite shows. Birmingham’s BE FESTIVAL features a genre-bending selection of European theatre, dance, comedy, circus, live music & DJs, food, visual and performing arts. Some theatres provide the opportunity to take part in workshops with the artist. Check with your local theatre for information. Includes interval & post-show discussion / Age guidance 14+

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Take Care Of Yourself

Someone Loves You Drive With Care

Control Freak

Take Care Of Yourself

by Cie Moost – Marc Oosterhoff (Switzerland)

Marc Oosterhoff

Alex Brenner


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Man walks into a bar and lines up ludicrous amounts of whisky shots and the audience watches on in equal parts fear and excitement. What happens next is anyone’s guess. Take Care Of Yourself is a melange of dance, performance art and circus from Swiss parkour practitioner Marc Oosterhoff who isn’t afraid to put his life on the line for the greater good.

Marc is currently working as acrobat/dancer/actor for YoungSoon Cho Jaquet, while still continuing to search for a mixed art form, bringing together dance, theatre, contemporary circus and performance art. Take Care Of Yourself was recently selected to be part of Tanzfactor 2018 in Cologne.

Someone Loves You Drive With Care

by Tom Cassani (UK)

Tom Cassani
Tom Cassani
Stage Manager:
Jen Smethurst
Jen Smethurst


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Public funding by Arts Council England
Part of the SPILL National Platform 2016

Tom Cassani is a performance artist and a liar. A crafty specialist of deception, he questions our collective construction of truth and lies, often challenging the borders of his own body using blunt and scary looking objects akin to the classic sideshow stunts made famous in vintage US circus. His trickery and disposition for deceit is enabled by his remarkable sleight of hand exposing deceptive techniques. Professionally trained in prestidigitation, all Tom’s work uses deceit as an artistic platform, exploring subjects of truth, honesty and manipulation.

Control Freak

by Cie. Kirkas (France)

Created and Performed by:
Kulu Orr

Kulu Orr and Rivka Glaubman


Pulsating, funny and perfectly controlled multimedia chaos driven by performer and director Kulu Orr who simultaneously creates and loops live music whilst performing circus tricks and using wearable computers to control light, sound and video across the stage. It’s a heady synthesis of bleeps and visuals, both mesmerising and awe inspiring. The only problem is, there’s no band to help out…yet. Kulu is both a circus a practitioner and computer science expert. French company Kirkas Gaya focus on circus and acrobatics as means of artist expression led by Sandrine Duquesne and Miraël Finkel.