Be Festival


The experience of IYMA – International Young Makers in Action closed, and the partners came together to give life to a new project: #ShiftKey!

The aim of the project was to send out a diverse set of emerging and established artists to all corners of Europe to have an impact on audiences, peers and professionals on a European level.

The partners of the network were:
Festival MESS (Bosnia Herzegovina),
ACT FESTIVAL (Basque Country, Spain),
Short Theatre (Italy)
ITS Festival (The Netherlands).

The artists associated to the network were:
Sotterraneo (IT),
Betrand & Nasi(UK),
Oliver Zahn (D),
Mokhallad Rasem (BE),
The Moving island (BA),
David Espinosa (ES),
Alma Söderberg (SE),
1er Stratageme (FR),
Sra. Polaroiska (ES),
Sleepwalk Collective (UK),
Strasse (IT)
Radouan Mriziga (BE).


SHIFT KEY was Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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