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In the event international travel is permitted we will cover expenses for travel, accommodation and per diems, plus the agreed fee and a maximum of 2 covid tests (per person).

In the event this is not possible and given the changeable circumstances you are unable to travel to the UK, what would be your plan B in terms of presenting the work in Birmingham? (Include details of what you would need. For example, what kind of support resources and time for preparation? Could you deliver it without travelling to the UK?)

Have you applied to BE FESTIVAL before? If so, in which year and with which piece?

How did you learn about BE FESTIVAL? (Please be specific. eg. if you learnt about us from the internet, which website?)

If you experience any difficulties in completing written forms, we also welcome video applications of up to 5 minutes in length that respond to the questions on the form above. Please send these to info@befestival.org.

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