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All In with Atresbandes

The phrase ‘all in’ has numerous applications: it can refer to a poker player gambling all their chips, but it has also been used as an advertising slogan by the likes of ADIDAS, and the name of a Paris strip club. This workshop will explore the multitude of possible meanings of a single image, looking at how theatrical forms of representation are changing in our era of multiple visual and aural channels. Participants should think about the phrase ‘all in’ and bring with them to the workshop a piece of music, text, an image, a movement or another source of inspiration.

Barcelona-based performance company ATRESBANDES embrace a variety of disciplines and approaches to the act of creation, though all of their work is characterised by the process of collective creation. ATRESBANDES won the 1st Prize at BE FESTIVAL 2012.

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Each day of the festival there will be workshops taking place between 10.30am and 1.30pm. Led by international performers and directors, the workshops will focus on a range of acting and performance styles and techniques. Attendance is open to participating companies, festival volunteers, Midlands-based artists, students and interested audience members. Sign up for the workshops at the festival’s Hub when you collect your tickets. Limited capacity.

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