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Multimedia Programming with Pure Data with Antonio Roberts

Pure Data is a visual programming language that allows visual artists, performers, musicians, researchers and developers to create software in a visual, graphic way, without writing lines of code. Pure Data has numerous applications, including for live visuals, electronic music, websites and games. In this workshop participants will learn how to use Pure Data to create motion graphics that react and interact with a variety of sources including audio, live data feeds and hardware.

Antonio Roberts is an artist based in Birmingham. He has previously delivered Pure Data workshops at Flip Festival (Wolverhampton), Vivid Projects and Birmingham Open Media.

Participants must bring their own laptops.To save time please install Pure Data Extended prior to the workshop. It can be downloaded from

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Each day of the festival there will be workshops taking place between 10.30am and 1.30pm. Led by international performers and directors, the workshops will focus on a range of acting and performance styles and techniques. Attendance is open to participating companies, festival volunteers, Midlands-based artists, students and interested audience members. Sign up for the workshops at the festival’s Hub when you collect your tickets. Limited capacity.

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