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Aquí, Siempre, Here, Always by Poliana Lima (Spain/Brazil) – 25 min

An inter-generational, trans-cultural choreographic work, bringing together four women from four different countries beaming with individual diversity, experiences and traditions. The show explores how movement systems and foundations are unique to each person’s body; like you are in control of your own autobiographical map. From Argentinian popular dance to the European ballet tradition, the performers reveal their histories, sensibilities, doubts and aspirations exploring the relationships between memory, the present and the future. Poliana Lima is a Brazilian born, long term resident of Madrid and award winning choreographer and performer.

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Friday 6th July – 9:30 pm

Direction and Coreography:
Poliana Lima

Carla Diego
Christine Cloux
Irene Ducaju 
Mona Belizan


Lighting Designer:
Pablo Seoane

Alexis Delgado 
Álvaro Gomez Pidal

Carmen Fernandez

Asociate Producer:
Steve Purcell


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