Be Festival

Art, Science and Forest Culture

Two talks and a film screening all about trees and how they impact on our lives

Talk 1: Arbola, when Art meets Tree Culture by Isabel Ferreira (Spain) 

In times of ecological emergency, trees inspire us to inhabit the world in a more sustainable way; they are closely linked to our health and wellbeing; and symbolise values such as care, protection, fertility, regeneration and interdependence that are increasingly perceived as relevant in our contemporary culture. In this talk we will meet some artists who have developed an effective and aesthetic dialogue with them.

Isabel Ferreira is a Spanish cultural manager and curator based in Berlin.  Graduated in History of Art with a Masters of Visual Culture and training in Environmental Humanities, she is the founder of Labea and was, among others, artistic director of Festival DNA in Navarra (Spain) and Festival ComPosiciones Políticas in Rio de Janeiro)

Talk 2: Urban Tree Festival

Since 2019, the  festival has celebrated London urban trees through art, literature, theatre, online talks, webinars, workshops, tree walks, music, well-being and children’s activities. Events are taking place in London and beyond, many of which are free and online. 

Short Film Screening: Forest Matter is a selection of video art and videodance short works about the poetic force of trees. It is a project of Bunka Foundation/RCR Arquitectes (Pritzker Prize 2017) in collaboration with LABEA and curated by Isabel Ferreira. 

Part of the Arbola – Art, Science and Forest Culture program for BE FESTIVAL.



Saturday 11 June


6.15pm – 7.30pm (70 mins)

Midlands Arts Centre

Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH

age suitability:+14

Created by

Isabel Ferreira (Spain)


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