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Athletes by Riccardo Buscarini (UK/Italy) – 20 min

Set in a sparsely beautiful and futuristic landscape, Athletes poses questions about whether the competition between man and machine is leading to alienation and destruction.

Led by a trio of other-worldly dancers, the award winning show is dark, dystopian and develops a tense narrative ultimately leading to self-destruction. Kubrick and Lars Von Trier are credited as inspirations; no wonder as the piece is as visually striking as it is physically engaging.

Riccardo Buscarini graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School in 2009. He has presented his works and led workshops and in the UK and internationally.

UK Artist Development Programme, supported by

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Director / Choreographer
Riccardo Buscarini

Harriet Bone, Karolina Kraczkowska, Victoria Hoyland

Brooke Roberts with Kishan Maynard-Clarke

Music & Sound Design
Scene d’Amour, Bernard Herrmann

Lighting Design
Lucy Hansom with Michael Mannion

The Place Prize for Dance 2013


Supported By
The Place Prize for Dance 2013, TIR Danza

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