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Bad People in Guantanamo by Accademia Teatrale di Roma (Italy)

After September 11, photos showing the violent and abusive treatment of prisoners held on terrorist charges started to spread. This play was inspired by the true story of friends who left Birmingham for the marriage of one of them to a girl from the Punjab. During the journey they were captured and taken to Guantanamo. They were innocent. We can only wonder: WHY? The play is dedicated to all victims of war torture.

Accademia Teatrale di Roma Sofia Amendolea grew out of the ROMATEATROFESTIVAL (International Festival of Student Drama). Awards and supporters include: a Silver Medal from the President of the Italian Republic; a Bronze medal from the Senato della Republic Italiana (Senate); and support from U.N.E.S.C.O. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation.

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