Be Festival

BE LEGEND! Hamlet – a scratch performance by Teatro Sotterraneo (Italy)

BE LEGEND! is a docufiction series that creates an infantile identikit of historical and imaginary figures. In each episode one character, in each city a different child who learns to embody an eminent role in 24 hours. We discover in the child traces of the myth, building a prophecy in reverse.

BE LEGEND! is part of the Daimon Project 2013/14, a research on the topic of vocation that will be developed in different disciplines. After winning Joint 1st Prize at BE FESTIVAL 2012, Florence-based collective Teatro Sotterraneo present this work following a three week residency at Warwick Arts Centre.

Choreographer / Director
Devised by the company

Emiliano Pona

Teatro Sotterraneo is part of the Fies Factory project

with the support of
Warwick Arts Centre, IYMT


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