Be Festival

Before by BE Next Youth Performance Group (UK) – 30 min

Would you die for me?

To be or not to be?

That is the question.

There are heroes who die in the name of their country, in the name of justice and humanity. Usually in the movies, the soldier is beautiful, strong, brave. He risks his own life to save someone else. And incidentally, in general, never dies. The hero cannot die.

There are the super-heroes, special and invincible, destined to stake their own life to save humanity from evil. The super-hero cannot die.

Then there we are. Us and our lives, certainly less exceptional and spectacular. And facing a question like that we stop and say, why me? No one wants to die, especially for someone else.

Would you die for me? This question is explored by a group of young people in a physical theatre performance created in just seven days, directed by Antonio Tagliarini (Italy) and Filipe Viegas as part of BE FESTIVAL’s BE Next project. The performers are young people from across Birmingham, many of whom speak English as a second language.

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Lead Artist
Antonio Tagliarini

Production and Promotion
Anna Pozzali and Filipe Viegas


Production Assistant
Cult. A.D.

Culturgest (Lisbon), Short Theatre (Rome)


EVERY-BODY artistic residencies and workshops
Teatro di Villa Torlonia promosso dall’Assessorato alla cultura e creativita di Roma Capitale con Zetema e la Casa dei Teatri e della Drammaturgia Contemporanea, Rome, March 2014

Short Theatre, Rome, September 2014
Attraversamenti Multipli, Rome, October 2014
mac birmingham/ BE FESTIVAL, Birmingham, February 2015
Forum Danca, Lison, April 2015
The REP/ BE FESTIVAL, Birmingham, June 2015

BEFORE  is part of the project EVERY-BODY by Antonio Tagliarini.

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