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Beating McEnroe by Jamie Wood (UK)

Bjorn Borg, the self-controlled tennis champion and epitome of cool, was everything a six-year-old Jamie wanted to be. Then John McEnroe came along… Thirty years of torment and self-questioning later, Jamie is ready to face his greatest opponent. The final point of an epic Wimbledon final relived with the audience as a joyful, cathartic ritual of rivalry, love and moving on.

Jamie Wood is a performer and director, whose work reflects a training that combines fine art, theatre, clown and dance.

Wendy Hubbard, Ellie Griffiths and Jamie Wood

Jamie Wood and Wendy Hubbard

Jamie Wood

Set design
Jamie Wood

Jamie Wood

Sound design
Dominic Kennedy

Lighting design
Andres Velasquez

Creation Assistant
Dominiqe Habouzit

Total Theatre Nomination, Edinburgh 2013

Supported by
CPT, Ovalhouse, Pilot, ACE


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