Be Festival

The Cultured and the Wild with Blanch and Shock

Blanch & Shock will present a workshop on their approach to cooking, discussing and sampling some ingredients and recipes that they find particularly exciting. This will include thinking about wild British ingredients as spices, various fermentation projects including vegetables, vinegars and cultured dairy, and interesting ways of delivering flavour such as edible perfumes.

Blanch & Shock Food Design makes creative food projects and provides bespoke catering. We use food to explore and illustrate ideas, focusing on the British palette of ingredients. We are excited to be involved in the cooking for BE Festival for the fifth time this year, and always love the chance to visit our friends in Birmingham.

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Each day of the festival there will be workshops taking place between 10.30am and 1.30pm. Led by international performers and directors, the workshops will focus on a range of acting and performance styles and techniques. Attendance is open to participating companies, festival volunteers, Midlands-based artists, students and interested audience members. Sign up for the workshops at the festival’s Hub when you collect your tickets. Limited capacity.

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