Be Festival

Body music, rhythm and movement with Belén Gordillo Perales

Our body-voice is our most valuable musical instrument, the most precious and closest to us. It has infinite possibilities of sounds that can be transformed into rhythm and percussion. With this workshop we will have the chance to discover all the possibilities of how we can create a rhythmic piece of percussion and movement, both as individuals and as a group. Through games and improvisations we will explore our musical creativity in a free and organic way. We will learn to hear our own body and its ancestral memory, getting back to the concept of “tribal”, as well as our collective memory.

Body music is a style that can work as training for performers, dancers, singers, acrobats… because it combines movement, improvisation, concentration, it develops self-confidence and it’s really funny. We will practice rhythms from all over the world, such as funky, rap, samba, Arabic, swing, and Flamenco, applying the movements of dance to body percussion. We will go on a journey of sensorial, sound and rhythmical experiences!

Belén Gordillo Perales studied Spanish Dance and Flamenco in the Córdoba Conservatory, and physical theatre in the Royal School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid. She was part of Mayúmana, an Israeli percussion, dance and theatre company, touring Europe and South America. She then trained in mime with Marcel Marceau and José Piris and in clown with Eric de Bont, Jesús Jara and Gabriel Chamé. Following these experiences she created Nenacaracol Company. Contratiempos is it first production, which was presented last year at BE FESTIVAL and is coming again this year for Little BE.

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