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MB#6 2018 presented by Miguel Bonneville (Portugal)

MB#6 2018 is an auto/biographical narration experience. Miguel Bonneville invites several women who are close to him to talk about themselves; about their experiences of being women, adults, artists, through an interview-video-portrait format. However, their stories are shared through a live dubbing – through the artist’s voice –, which bring them together and merge them into one large portrait.

Miguel Bonneville decided to revisit the performance 10 years after its first version in order to continue questioning what it means to be a woman, to become a woman, nowadays, especially when feminism/s, gender/s and sexuality/ies have gained increasing prominence in the public and political spheres.

Miguel Bonneville* (Portugal, 1985) introduces us to auto-fictional works focused on the deconstruction and reconstruction of identity. Their work is transdisciplinary, being therefore presented in a variety of formats: performances, drawings, photographs, films, music and artist books. Their work has been presented in art galleries, theaters and non-conventional venues in Portugal and abroad, namely the serial projects,

Miguel Bonneville, Family Project and The Importance of Being.

In 2015 they won the LGBTQ+ Rede Ex Aequo’s Award for the performances Medo eFeminismos (in collaboration with Maria Gil), and The Importance of Being Simone de Beauvoir.

They live and work in Lisbon, Portugal, and are the Artistic Director of Teatro do Silêncio.



Friday 10 June


7.15 pm –  8.45pm

Midlands Arts Centre

Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH

age suitability:+16


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