Be Festival

Business is Business by Pas de Dieux (France)

The setting: a young company, ordinary, full of hope and creativity. The project: a banal step-stool, a product to be sold at all costs. Around this step-stool, an incessant ballet of employers, bosses and cleaning workers reveal a large palate of colourful personalities. The daily lives of these people are nothing but parts of a machine, timed by the oscillating rhythm of the market. How does the dream of the ordinary man, the dream of wanting to find beauty, poetry and the sublime in this daily grind, become possible?

Founded in 2004, the Pas de Dieux company bases its work on the dramatic possibilities of movement and expression. Beyond the realm of the physical, the spoken language contributes as an accessory to reveal the poetic as humanity’s primary ‘rasion d’être’.

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