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Collective Loss of Memory by DOT504 Dance Company (Czech Republic) – 60 min

Place five men in a confined space, where masculinity is championed and a virulent type of group phenomena can take hold, in this case with a brutal outcome. The influence on each other when in a group can have a profound and irrational effect on a  human’s thinking. A powerful, humorous and shocking show, dripping in sweat, that questions our sense of individuality. Double award winners at last year’s Czech Dance Platform Festival, the show is directed and choreographed by Jozef Fruček & Linda Kapetanea who also conceived the Fighting Monkey concept and touring workshops.

Recommended 18+ (some extreme violence)

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Choreographer / Director
Jozef Fruček & Linda Kapetanea – The RootLessRoot

Jozef Fruček

Nathan Jardin, Joona Kaakinen, Knut Vikstrøm Precht, Daniel Raček, Tom Weksler

Set design
Jozef Fruček

Kristýna Záveská

Original music
Vassilis Mantzoukis

Sound design
Tomáš Novotný

Lighting design
David Prokopič

Photography credits
Petr Otta

Dance Piece of the Year at the Czech Dance Platform 2015 Festival
Audience Award at the Czech Dance Platform 2015 Festival



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